Wholesale Price Hitachi 7180 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Short Description:

7080 biochemical analyzer can be used for chemical analysis, urine examination, immunological examination and so on with serum, urine and cerebrospinal fluid as samples, and 36 kinds of items can be detected at the same time. The analysis speed is up to 360 test/hour. At the same time, the device can simultaneously meet the needs of 4 reagents for project testing, and can carry out unconventional project testing as required.


Test items:

Blood biochemical examination: including liver function, kidney function, blood lipid, blood glucose, serum protein, etc.

Immunological examination: including immunoglobulin, apolipoprotein complement, etc.

Non-routine item detection.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Up to 86 items can be analyzed simultaneously
(89 items can be analyzed simultaneously when equipped with an electrolyte analysis unit (optional))
Up to 800 tests / h
(maximum 1200 tests / h when equipped with electrolyte analysis unit (optional))
Completely random access
With touchscreen, outcome output time prediction, and online help

The operating units (PC, monitor, printer, system holder) are not included in the photographs above.
System stents are purchased separately
Registration Certificate No.: National injection 20172400678

Product Features

High reliability

Taking as a representative "" type 7170 / 7170s "", which has achieved more than 3500 sales throughout the world, continuously increasing new functions and pursuing higher reliability

New optical systems

Minimum reaction volume 120 µ l with reagent sample volumes of choice

Rapid sample processing

mode Complete random access, reagent refilling system, Smart Scheduling
processing capacity Up to 800 tests / h and up to 1200 tests / h when equipped with an electrolyte analysis unit
Reporting time Minimum 5 points / 8 items (only 1.5 minutes required for sodium, potassium, and chloride electrolyte analysis)

Operability is strong

Display results output prediction time, online help feature, introduced in Windows ® Based operability system, operator ID management function, batch function, translucent cover

Application flexibility

Reaction time: 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 22 min (can be set depending on each item), number of reagents added: up to 4 reagents, sample dilution function, broken line calibration function, front band detection function (supports all analytical methods)


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