Used Laboratory Equipment mindray BS220 fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

Short Description:

Instrument type: fully automated random optional standing, analytical parameters and reagents fully open

Analytical speed: 330t / h (mate choice ISE)

Principle of the test: colorimetric, turbidimetric (homogeneous immunoassay)

Analytical methods: end point, fixed time (two-point), kinetic (rate method) with support for single / double reagent, single / double wavelength items, linear and nonlinear calibration with support for inter item calculus

Simultaneous analysis of items: 40 colorimetric items

Product Detail

Product Tags

1. Sample / reagent unit

Sample location: 40 refrigerated sample sites, round robin use including emergency sites, calibration grade, quality control grade, which are routinely available as sample standards
Sample tube specification: micro sample cuvette, original blood collection tube, plastic test tube, specification( Φ 12~13)mm*(25~100)mm
Reagent bits: 40 refrigerated reagent bits, recycled
Reagent bottle specification: support single / double reagent and can be placed in a 20 ml ~ 40 ml volumetric specification reagent bottle
Barcoding (coordination): specimen and reagent barcode scanning


2. Fractionation unit

Sample size: 2ul ~ 45ul
Reagent volume: 10ul ~ 450ul
Microsampling technique: liquid surface sensing, tracking with volume, anticollision, margin alarm, automatic washing and reagent pre heating
Carryover contamination rate: ≤ 0.1%
Automated test-retest: original sample aliquot and up to 150x automated dilution test-retest

3. Reaction unit

Reaction cup: n = 80, cup blank automatically checked subtracted
Total reaction volume: 150ul ~ 500ul
Reaction time: arbitrarily set within 10 min
Reaction temperature: 37 ° C ± 0.1 ° C, which was monitored and displayed in real time
Stir mechanism: needle for independent mechanical agitation, add reagent, sample immediately and stir well

4. Optical system

Light source: tungsten halide lamp (lifetime ≥ 2000 h)
Spectrophotometric path: Post split, 9 static fiberoptic light path measuring simultaneously (1 is the reference light path)
Wavelength range: 340 nm to 700 nm (scalable)
Wavelength accuracy: ± 2 nm
Detector: photodiode
Od linear range: 0 ~ 4.0 ABS 10 mm optical diameter conversion
Od repeatability: CV ≤ 190

5. Calibration and quality control

Calibration methods: single point, two-point, multi-point linear and nonlinear calibration with nine curve fitting equations
Calibration cycle: automatic setting or on-demand setting
QC rules: three rules: Westgard multi rules, cumulative sum check cumulative sum of rules, and twin plot, which support 3 concentration level QC
QC means: real time QC, intra day QC, inter day QC

6. OS

Computer operating system: Windows Vista all Chinese operating system
Instrument control software: all Chinese multimedia operation software
Data processing functions: test combination, reagent validity management, reflect full process detection, various blank deductions, dirty cup memory avoidance, anti cross contamination procedures, report review, data fuzzy processing queries, statement Statistics and printing, reference range grading, alarm information grading, user operational authority grading management, support LIS / his
Report print: Chinese report, 8 formats optional, user customized mode supported
Computer configuration: CPU main frequency ≥ 2.2Hz, memory ≥ 1g, hard disk ≥ 160g
System interface: TCP / IP network interface, standard RS-232C

7. Other

Host volume: 700mm (W) * 900mm (H) * 860mm (d)
Weight: 100 kg
Power requirements: 200 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Peak water consumption: ≤ 3.5 L / h

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