Used Laboratory Equipment mindray BS220 fully-auto Chemistry Analyzer

Short Description:

Instrument type: automatic random separation, analysis parameters and reagents all open


Analysis speed: 330T/H (optional ISE)


Principle: Colorimetry, turbidimetry (homogeneous immunoassay)


Analysis methods: end point method, fixed time method (two-point method), dynamic method (rate method), support single/double reagent, single/double wavelength project, linear and nonlinear calibration, support inter-project calculation


Simultaneously analyzed items: 40 colorimetric items

Product Detail

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Cobas C 311 automated biochemistry analyzer

The innovative Cobas c-pack Kit

① No pretreatment, liquid reagents, easy to use
② The parameters were automatically downloaded without paperoperation
③ Convenient storage and more space saving
④ High stability on machine, low frequency of scaling, saving reagents
⑤ sealing membrane puncture technique to prevent volatilization and contamination
⑥ Cobas family reagents are generic and results are comparable

Excellent performance

① Total glycated hemoglobin (HBAC) project
② The detection menu is comprehensive with more than 100 test items
③ Precision testing outcomes
Standardization system solutions, instruments + reagents + calibrators
Traceable biochemical reagents that guarantee precision of results
Ultrasonic mixing mode without contact to eliminate cross contamination
Special serum indices: lipemic, hemolytic, jaundice detection
Intelligent cleaning mode to prevent cross contamination

Advanced control unit

① Chinese operational interface (forthcoming)
② Windows XP operating system, coloured touch folk, standard keyboard mouse
③ Humanized Cobas series software, intelligent scaling, quality control management
④ Results storage information is highly informative, and the graphical interface is clear and easy to operate

A versatile detection platform

① One machine multi use: biochemistry instrument, specific protein instrument, drug concentration analyzer
② Excellent full set lipid testing program
③ Homogeneous immunoassay for protein determination

Integrated function serum workstation

① Connected into the Cobas 4000 system by the software Cobas e 411, covering more than 170 detection items.
② The Cobas 4000 system enables sample management and data management
③ Remote diagnosis, connection to Cobas link parameter information updated


System overview: fully automated, continuous biochemical analysis system
Test speed: optical speed 300 test / h; ISE speed 450 test / hour;
Number of reagent passages: 42 reagent hamsters (optical detection);
ISE module 3 channels (electrolyte detection)
Number of project parameters: project parameters maximum settable 117; 3 were ISE; 8 of the computational items,
Sample type: serum, plasma, urine, CSF, whole blood (HbA1c)
Sample input: load capacity: 53 outer rings
(108 positions in total) inner circle 55
(the barcodes in the outer and inner rings are read automatically, and the samples are detected automatically)
Truly instant emergency feature, samples can be added at any time in the run
Sample tube type: original tube: 5-10 ml; 16 x 100, 16 x 75, 13 x 100, 13 x 75 mm
Sample cup: 2.5 ml, microcell: 1.5 ml
On tube cup: can be placed inside a 16 x 75 / 100 mm sample tube
A sample cup may be placed in a nonstandard tube
A flat bottom tube may be placed
Sample reaction size: 1.0 – 35 μ 50. At 0.1 μ L-step
Sample dilution function: 3 – 121 fold, dilution > = 100 μ L
Sample clot detection feature: there is
Minimum sample size: original tube: 700 μ l;
Sample cup: 100 μ l;
Micro Cup: 50 μ l
Sample barcode type: Code 128; Codabar(NW7) ; Interleaved 2 of 5 ; Code 39
System interface: RS 232 serial interface, bidirectional connection Cobas? The link data station and Cobas? e-library
Remote diagnostic interface and automated Download
Sample database: 10000 routine / emergency samples
Analytical method: 1-point endpoint method, 2-point rate method, 2-point endpoint method, 3-point method, rate a method, rate a + serum index method, rate a blank method, rate B method, etc.
Calibration methods: linear method, nonlinear multipoint method, K-factor method;
A maximum of 100 calibrator preprograms and a maximum of 180 calibration curves stored are available;
Calibration information function for backup kits;
Two different k-calibration factors can be defined for different sample types
QC method: real time QC, single QC, cumulative QC;
A maximum of 100 controls preprogram is available;
Calibration backup perform a shielding function from the quality control of reagents
Automated QC executive functions
Test retest / reflex functions: automatic, manual test-retest functions

System autorefaction

Current / voltage: 230 / 400 volts alternating current AC3 / N / PE
A.C. at 110 V
Power: 1.5 KVA
50 / 60 Hz + / - 0.5%
Water / waste: water quality requirements: sterile deionized water, maximum resistivity 1.0 μ S/cm
Water consumption: not more than 12 L / h
Water pressure: 0.5-3.5 kg / cm3 (49-343 kPa)
Water temperature: 15 - 30 ° C
Quality accreditation system: GS, CE, UL, C-U] 8 mesh 7un7654 土 3 5 4 么
Operating conditions: ambient temperature: 15 - 32 ° C
Ambient humidity: 30-85% (RH)
Heat output: 2 kcal / h
Noise output: < 65 dB
Physical dimensions: length: 1338 mm width: 855 mm height: 1262 mm
Weight: 270 kg


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