Second Hand Blood Test Analyzer Machine Laboratory Automated Blood Gas Biochemistry Human XP100

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Sysmex XP-100 is an automated 3-part differential hematology analyzer. XP-100 provides a real-time external quality assurance program with the help of SNCS.

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Hison Wellcome xp-100 automated hematology analyzer

1 * world triage fully automated haematology analyser

2 test parameters and histograms ≥ 23 parameters with 20 test parameters (containing P-LCR) and three histograms

3 principle of detection electrical impedance, cyanogen free Spectrophotometry

4 detection channel WBC / RBC dual detection channel

5 the histogram screen displays histograms with floating landmarks for all 3 leukocytes, erythrocytes, and platelets

6 instrument assay reproducibility (CV) WBC £ 3.0%

RBC £ 1.0%
PLT £ 4.0%
HGB £ 1.0%

7 assay sample volume whole blood should be £ 50 µ L and peripheral blood should be £ 20 µ L

8 it is required for automatic washing inside and outside of the sampling needle without a separate probe wash solution

9 the mode of containment preset the containment procedure, positive and negative high-pressure recoil, and electronic high-temperature burning

*The 10 min blood splitting method uses a high-precision ceramic rotary blood splitting valve device

*11 Department of detection liquid quantification the diaphragm pump quantitates some of the liquid detected, ensuring that the time and flow rate are doubly controlled when the pore is lightly closed
Guarantees that the results are accurate

A 12 × detection system must have separate venous and peripheral blood testing systems with independent correction coefficients

13 automatic and manual calibration functions required

14 reagent reagent open with one wash solution; There must also be raw plant companion reagents available

15 results display and operation language color liquid crystal display, touchscreen operation, easy and intuitive

16 assay speed ≥ 60 tests / hour

17 data storage assay ≥ 35000 results and QC data may be stored

*18 power supply a compressor is required to provide stable and persistent power

19 QC files Xbar and L-J, both QC files

*20 controls, calibrators companion SFDA registered controls and calibrators are available and results are traceable
21 the data processing software needs to provide the original plant supporting unified brand Chinese operating software, ensuring the system is stable

22 certified instruments must provide SFDA registration certificate and registration form
Hison Wellcome xp-100 automated hematology analyzer


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