Portable Chemical Analyzer Second-hand Bio-chemical System Analyzer Au680

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1、With the capacity for 63 different on board assays and a throughput of up to 1200 tests per hour and “3 and 60” parts replacement, the AU680 offers many benefits to your lab.
2、AU680 automatic biochemical analyzer is a major biochemical analyzer for large and traditional Chinese medicine hospital laboratories, but also applicable to large medical institutions or emergency analyzer. AU680 automatic biochemical analyzer applies the Controller Area Network CAN technology to the biochemical analysis system, and the analysis speed CAN reach 800 photometric testing hours and 600 electrolyte testing hours. In addition, with 63 online test items and advanced track design (independent retarder track), AU680 fully automatic biochemical analyzer can fully meet your laboratory testing needs.

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Automated biochemical analyzer (Beckman Coulter au680)
The au680 fully automated biochemistry analyzer is a workhorse biochemical analyzer for laboratories in large and traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, but also for professional or emergency analyzers in large medical institutions. The au680 fully automated biochemical analyzer applies the fully digital total technology (controller area network can technology) to the biochemical analysis system with an analysis speed up to 800 photometric test / h and 600 electrolyte test hours. In addition, the 63 online test items, together with an advanced track design (stand-alone test-retest track), allow the au680 fully automated biochemical analyzer to comprehensively meet the testing needs of your laboratory.



Compared with the last generation of the AU640, the au680 fully automated biochemical analyzer is more versatile and fully functional, embodied the technological concept of "" all comers ""
1 more reliable control systems
• improve precision when spiking, mixing, and photometry using can technology
• mod - ification works in parallel to rapidly discover failure regions
2 more miniaturized loading techniques
• sample: minimum loading to 1.6 μ L (step 1.0 μ L)
• reagents: minimum loading to 15 μ L
3 more precise reaction colorimetric systems
• minimum reaction volume: 120 μ L
• absorbance range: 0-3.0 ABS
4 more stable electrode systems for Na, K, CI ISE
• long life
• indirect method
• freestanding electrodes
5 wider menu of assays
• reagent bits: 108 R1 + R2
• simultaneous analyzable items: 63 items
6 smarter detection programs
• smart anti bubble interference
• smart anti cross contamination
• smart liquid level localization detection
7 more advanced OS
• new graphical user interface (GUI)
• sample status monitoring



The au680 fully automated biochemical analyzer inherits the original stable and practical technical features of the AU640 biochemical analyzer and provides continuous user protection
1 perfect sample system
• sample rack track mode of injection, add independent test-retest track
• stand alone disc injection with refrigeration to allow for testing of emergency samples, calibrators, and controls to be inserted at any time
• the double injection system comprehensively meets user needs, making injection more convenient, flexible, and safer
2 blood clot detection system
Blood clots were automatically tested to make the assay more accurate
3 complete traceability
Provide companion calibrators, concentrated liquid reagents, and controls to make results more accurate
4 unique stirring system
A multiple head double clear wash stirring system, which guarantees more adequate stirring, cleaner washing, and low cross contamination
5 a thermostatic system for patented technology
The advantages of a centralized dry air bath and water bath,: stability, maintenance free, and no consumption
6 optical systems
Advanced optoelectronic digital direct conversion and cluster point light sources
The au680 fully automated biochemical analyzer offers users a more economical use
1 less reagent dosage and reaction volume
• minimum sample loading volume: 1.6 μ L
• minimum reagent loading volume: 15 μ L
• minimum reaction volume: 120 μ L
2 fewer consumables
• only one wash solution is required for routine testing
• reduce storage and management costs


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