Cobas E601 Fully Automated Fluorescence Immunoassay System Analyzer

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Cobas E601 is an automatic immune analyzer, which is composed of sample plate, reagent plate, incubation plate, electrochemical detection system and computer control system. 170 tests per hour, which is two to three times what we used to do with Abbott. The time from sample placement to the first result is 9 minutes or 18 minutes /27 minutes, depending on the measurement item. The sample rack of 75 specimens is optional. The original sampling vessel is directly mounted on the machine. The samples can be continuously loaded without affecting the operation of the instrument. Emergency samples can be inserted at any time for testing. 25 different reagents can be placed, previously only 20 reagents can be placed, with a built-in thermostatic system to facilitate the preservation of reagents. The reagent has good stability and can be stored at 2-8℃ for 12-18 months, and the reagent can be stored effectively for 8 weeks after being put on the machine. Automatic 2d barcode identification system.

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Roche Cobas C501 automatic biochemical analyzer technical parameters


Model module composition, which scales arbitrarily. Ligatable immune e electrochemiluminescence detection
Modules, achieving integrated detection and reducing running costs; operation mode
Random, optional, discrete fully automated analysis system enabling routine biochemical, electrical
Solution, etc. project detection;
Principle of detection spectrophotometry;
Traceable systematic design to supply ancillary reagents, standards, all of the same brand as the instrument
Controls; Able to provide a traceability document for the reagent;
Injection mode the ingenious combination of carousel plus cycle track injection guarantees high batch injection and acute
Do not interact with each other when injected diagnostically;
Control mode Ethernet connection is used between modules, non synchronous self-regulation optimization control mode is used,
Guarantees high efficiency, now standby module coexists with working module mode;
All in one Cobas C6000 module analysis system composed of C501 and E601 was used for
Users provide a more convenient and effective platform for integrative analysis. And has a scalable
Sex, with 7 patterns of combination. Achieving all-in-one detection and reducing running costs
Service failure module available for repair alone, the rest
The module functions as usual, without affecting normal work;

Product parameters

Heterogeneous immunoassay system

Monitoring of NT-probNP, troponin T and other cardiac markers

More than 80 tests for anemia, osteoporosis, cancer, endocrine and infectious diseases

The detection speed of each module can reach 170 test hours

Analyze 25 projects/modules simultaneously

Disposable suction head to avoid cross contamination

Clot detection function

Dept. of analysis

Detection speed 1000 test / h (routine biochemical 600 test / h, ISE 600 test
T / h); To adequately meet the needs of biochemical test volumes in medium and large hospitals! Reagent channels 60 biochemical reagent channels, 3 ion channels;
Reagents can be automatically replaced when automated runs are available, and empty kits can exit automatically;
Ultrasonic mixing technology leading the step-by-step technology without potential cross contamination of stir bars, reducing service and dimension
Nursing requirements, reducing water consumption (15 L / HRS) Achieve optimal mixing reagent use original ancillary reagents / standards / controls supplied by Roche
E-library management mode the e-library management mode was first developed worldwide and is available in real time through the Cobas link database
Guarantee reagent, calibrator, and quality information updates for paperless operations,
It is convenient and rapid; Strong data management capabilities, and via Cobas

Link enables remote diagnosis

Automated retest and review automated retest and review in real time or in bulk is performed for specimens with abnormal results;
Open channels offer up to 10 open channels, and users can also self program as needed; Basic functionality reagent refrigeration functionality, processing, storage and output of data, random optional
Mode of operation, emergency priority function. It can be detected directly on machine using the original test tube,
And the sample free dilution can be directly determined and so on; All reagents without manual pretreatment,
The on-board stability period was up to 2 months. Sample clot detection and automated system cleaning


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