Clinical Analytical Instruments used 5 part Auto Hematology Analyzer Secondhand Mindray BC6800

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SF Cube 3D analysis technology

Bc-6800 adopts a unique cell THREE-DIMENSIONAL analysis technology. By analyzing the forward scattered light signal, side scattered light signal and fluorescence signal of cell particles, it realizes the accurate detection of white blood cells, nuclear red cells and reticulocytes and the screening of abnormal cells

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3D analysis with SF cube
The bc-6800 enabled accurate detection and screening of leukocytes, nucleated erythrocytes, reticulocytes, and abnormal cells by analyzing the cell particle forward scattered light signal, side scattered light signal, and fluorescence signal using unique three-dimensional analysis techniques
Diff three-dimensional scatter plot RET three-dimensional scatter plots Three dimensional scatter plot of NRBC
U-disk configuration imports exports for ease of configuration management
Smart multiplication analysis technique for low value samples
The bc-6800 has auto judgment, which automatically increases the volume of analysis for low value samples, thereby improving the accuracy of classification and alarm
Exclusion of lipid particle interference
·" suspected lipid particles " affect WBC count and Analysis on two-dimensional scatter plots

·In three-dimensional scatter plots, "" suspected lipid particles "" have specific locations and special shape distributions, which allow them to be accurately identified and labeled, ruling out interference with other cells

Safe and easy to use OS
Two channel PLT detection technique

·The new secondary accelerated sheath flow impedance technique detects RBC and PLT, which makes the detection results more accurate and greatly broadens the linear range of the analysis

·The plt-o * obtained by optical detection of PLT in the RET channel, plt-i * from the sheath flow impedance channel and plt-o * from the RET channel check each other out, which effectively reduces the interference of factors such as small red blood cells and large platelets on the PLT count

High throughput, high efficiency

·CBC + diff 125 test / hour, RET speed 90 test / hour

·Load 100 samples all at once and add samples to be examined continuously

·8 detection modes; Capable of emergency insertion; Overall improvement of sample processing power


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