Automatic biochemical analyzer Beckman Au480

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1、With throughput of up to 400 photometric tests per hour (up to 800 with ISEs), increased onboard testing, reduced sample volume and easy operation,AU480 delivers efficiency for laboratories around the world.

2、AU480 automatic biochemical analyzer is not only a main biochemical testing instrument suitable for small and medium hospitals, but also a professional or emergency analyzer suitable for large medical institutions. AU480 automatic biochemical analyzer will full digital bus technology (Controller Area Network CAN technology) application in the biochemical analysis system, analysis speed CAN reach 400 photometric test/hour, electrolyte 600 test/hour, in addition, 63 online test project and user-defined sample processing, make AU480 automatic biochemical analyzer CAN fully meet the demand of your lab testing.

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The au480 fully automated biochemistry analyzer is both a workhorse biochemical test instrument for use in laboratories in small and medium-sized hospitals and a specialized or emergency analyzer for use in large medical institutions. The au480 fully automated biochemical analyzer applies all digital bus technology (controller area network can technology) to the biochemical analysis system, and the analysis speed can reach 400 photometric test / hour, 600 electrolyte test / hour, in addition, the 63 online test items as well as user-defined sample processing, enabling the au480 fully automated biochemical analyzer to comprehensively meet the detection needs of your laboratory.


Product characteristics

Automated detection system for detecting blood clots, which makes assay results more accurate
A multi head double clear wash stirring system with more adequate agitation, cleaner washing, and low cross contamination zei
High reliability and low maintenance cost
Refrigerated reagent tanks and emergency modules
High quality, permanent quartz glass reaction cups.
Highly accurate Microsampling technique suitable for child sample testing.
Long life electrodes.
80 sample continuous injection system.
Convenient and rapid two-dimensional code calibration system.
Double injection system, orbital continuous injection and independent emergency sample injection tray.

Smart probe systems

A patented technology's thermostatic system.
Highly accurate reaction colorimetric system.
Less reagent dosage and reaction volume.
Complete traceability.
Less than 3 steps for easy maintenance.


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